Tips for educators

Trainers-Guide for online roleplays against online hate

get started - against online hate

The trainers guide will enable experienced teachers, trainers and educators to run online roleplays against online hate. It was designed specifically to run roleplays with the LOVE-Storm Online Training Room, but the guide applies to all kind of Online Roleplays against Online Hate.

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Tips&Tricks On Building HATE FREE Communities

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Tips&Trick On avoiding hateful conduct IRL and Online

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Tips&Tricks On building HATE FREE hashtags

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Tips&Tricks Hate Free Politics

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Training Guide for (UN)Safe in NET

The publication is primarily for youth leaders, youth workers but also educators. The publication has two main blocks. A block of general information and a block of activities and methodological materials. The theoretical part consists of four thematic chapters. Each chapter contains both the opinions of the authors and information from the scholarly literature. Training…

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