Why are we less likely to help others? Bystander effect.

cartoon several people arguing at a meeting

Have you ever reached out to a group chat for help, but to no avail? People have seen your message asking for the homework or the phone number you needed to call, but no one responded. This could be an example of the bystander effect. It says that the more people witness a stranger in…

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Learning through roleplay

Roleplay lets you experience being someone else for a moment. In the context of the platform, roleplay helps you better understand the aggressor, victim, and other participants of an online conversation by putting yourself in their role.   Roleplays vs. Powerpoint as a training method: We’ve all been there. An hour-long lecture with 20 PowerPoint…

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Why do we need a hate speech training or trainings against online hate?

cartoon two persons argueing

Hate speech is language or images used to attack or devalue people. People are targeted because they belong to certain marginalized groups. They face discrimination – being devalued because they belong to this group. Comments can be racist, sexist, anti-semitic, ableist, and many other forms of discrimination. People are not targeted as an individual, but…

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